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Dirt & Solid Particles

Cost Effective Particulate Filtration

Everyone knows that new oil isn't clean oil, and the removal of solid particulates from your system is a difficult task and expensive task, but does it have to be?

CJC offline filtration and inline filters are pivotal in efficiently eliminating dirt and particulates from hydraulic fluids, gear oils, and diesel fuel. CJC's depth filtration process captures contaminants with precision, ranging from larger particles to sub-micron impurities, ensuring a high dirt-holding capacity and protection for sensitive components. Costing only pennies per gram dirt removed, CJC offline filters can easily achieve your targeted ISO 4406 oil cleanliness requirements.

So are inline filters necessary if an offline filter is utilized? 

Strategically placed in the fluid circuit, inline filters act as the first line of defense against larger particles. Engineered with diverse media types, they intercept contaminants before reaching critical components, contributing significantly to critical component protection but minimal towards overal oil cleanliness.

The synergy between CJC offline filtration and inline filters forms a dual-layered defense against contaminants of varying sizes and location within the system. This meticulous approach not only safeguards components but also enhances the efficiency and performance of your systems, minimizing wear and tear, reducing the risk of failures, and translating into increased operational reliability and cost savings over the equipment's lifecycle. 

In the dynamic realm of filtration technology, precise removal of contaminants remains paramount for optimal function and durability of industrial systems and Larger Hydraulic Services has the knowledge and equipment to help meet & exceed your oil cleanliness requirements.

Dirt & Solid Particles
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