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Hydraulic Maintenance & Reliability Professionals

Larger Hydraulic Services is committed to quality and service with  years of experience maintaining and repairing commercial hydraulic equipment.


Your uptime & reliability is our priority. From blown hoses and burst cylinders to fried oil & pumps —Larger Hydraulics has you covered. Servicing manufacturing, industrial, agricultural, and the construction industries. 


About Us

Larger Hydraulic Services is Ohio’s leading provider of onsite equipment reliability services. We specialize in oil maintenance & hydraulic equipment reliability—from preventative & predictive maintenance to emergency services. We are a full service CC Jensen Filtration Systems distributor and repair facility.


Our service centers are not your typical parts counter—we are specialists in our field and we love problem solving. From custom cylinders, hydraulic power units, and hoses to filtration systems and oil maintenance services, Larger Hydraulic Services has you covered.


Clients We Serve

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